Andreas Schmidt   1878-1957

The fifth son of Jacob SCHMIDT and Katharina KROEN is ANDREAS, 

who changed his name to ANDREW when he emigrated to America. 

Landing in New York on July 6, 1906, he made his way to Chicago, 

then Tennessee and New Mexico. In 1909, Andrew went to Kansas 

City to learn drafting and carpentry. He then worked in Texas, 

Wyoming, and New Mexico. In 1913, he heard that work was 

plentiful in Canada and was on his way to Vancouver when he 

stopped for a while to work in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

In 1914, Andrew met NELLIE MAY BANGERTER, and he abandoned his 

plans of working in Canada. Andrew and Nellie were married in 

1915, and they settled in Granger, where Andrew was able to 

build a nice home. They had twelve children, FRIEDA, ADOLF (ED), 


ETHA, JOSEPH, LILLIAN, and ELSIE, all born in Granger, which is 

now West Valley City.